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Credit Card Debt of $15,000 or more could qualify you for a debt settlement program.

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Quick Debt Analysis

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A Program Made for You

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Financial Independence

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Have More Than $15,000 In Unsecured Debt?

See how much you can save on your monthly payment.

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*Calculations are estimates based on historical data and not a guarantee of future results. Your experience is unique and results will vary depending on your creditors. Your Current Payment is your assumed minimum credit card payment based on 3% of your balance. Your New Payment is based on an average client who pays back approximately 50% of enrolled debt before fees, and 68% to 75% including fees.

Debt Settlement Services

Over 20,000 Enrolled.
Over $760M in Debt Settled.

Since 2009 Level Debt has provided debt settlement services to thousands of people hoping to put their income back to work for themselves and their families. If you carry $15,000 or more in unsecured debt, start lowering your monthly payments right now, and begin rebuilding your personal savings.

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Restructure Your Debt. Reshape Your Future.

Our debt solutions at Level Debt put you back in control of your personal finances.

When your credit score is less than ideal, and your debt has accumulated beyond $15,000, we know how frustrating — even embarrassing — it can feel. Our certified credit solutions experts have helped millions of people climb out from under their credit card debt by customizing debt relief options to meet their unique financial needs.

Start lowering your credit card payments immediately to reduce monthly debt while restoring your credit score and steering a course back to a debt free lifestyle.

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Ethical Credit Card Debt Relief Solutions

You deserve a fair and honest chance to settle old debt and rebuild your credit report. Level Debt renegotiates your credit card payment terms to reduce interest rates, finance charges, and fees to lower the amount you owe each month, and restore your freedom to live the life you want.

Knowledge is power. Qualify today for the debt relief solution that’s right for you.

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“This program taught me to live within a budget, set long- and short-term goals, and to understand credit and interest. Level’s credit counseling agency presented me with the solutions I need to succeed.”

– Alex Dadban

Our Proven Debt Settlement Services

Imagine eliminating credit card debt six times faster than at your present rate of repayment, and putting those minimum monthly payments to work each month toward personal financial goals instead of toward credit card interest.

Life can get back to normal. Level Debt has a range of debt relief solutions to help you get there – without damaging your credit score.

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