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We know debt can be overwhelming

We know debt can be
overwhelming, so we
made our process simple.

Step 1: Get a Free Debt Assessment

The first step is taking the free assessment to see which of our services that suits your situation. There are many options for people like you, that are struggling with debt. Some of those options are:

Debt Management Plan

  • You want to get ahead of your finances
  • You need fast debt relief with less money
  • You are still able to make your monthly payments
  • You would like to keep your credit score intact.

Debt Settlement Programs

  • You want the fastest route to get out of debt
  • You need urgent debt relief
  • You can’t afford current monthly payments
  • You want to lower the total amount of debt you owe
Q. Can I still use my credit cards?

A. (exp.) That is the best thing about our programs, we allow our clients to pick which cards they would like to enroll and which they would like to leave out of the program. We want to help reduce your debt to the best of our ability, so any cards that are enrolled in the program cannot be used.

Q. How much can you lower my payments?

A. (exp.) While savings depend on individual circumstances,  our partners are typically able to lower monthly payments by 60-65%.

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Step 2: Schedule A Consultation

Once you’ve taken the assessment and determined which option you qualify for, it’s time to schedule your first consultation. During this meeting, your assigned debt counselor will assess your financial situation and suggest the best course of action moving forward.

After you’ve confirmed you want to proceed with becoming debt free, your debt counselor will develop a custom plan aimed at safely wiping out your entire credit card debt and lowering your monthly payments in a time-saving and cost effective way.

Q. Is the consultation free?

A. (exp.) Yes!  Our partners offer the initial consultation as a complementary service to each new client.

Q. How soon can we begin?

A. (exp.) The initial timeline is 24 hours from planning to program commencement.

Step 3: You’re Done!

We want everyone to complete our program and start living their new life with zero debt and valuable tools for a more secure and prosperous future.

Debt Solutions That Work. Take your first step to financial freedom today.

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